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Auto Damage Appraiser Services

Classic Auto
Antique Auto
Exotic Auto
Custom Auto
Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Heavy Construction Equipment
Farm Equipment
Stated values on classic, antique,
exotic and custom automobiles a specialty.

Fire and Rescue Vehicles
Police Cruiser
Highway Trucks
Tree Removal Vehicles
Plow Equipment
Earth Movers
Road Paving Equipment

Recreation Vehicle
Travel Trailers
All Tourain Vehicles

Power boats

Property Claims Adjustment
Residential for all perils including fire and flood
Commercial for all perils including fire and flood

Auto damage appraiser and property damage adjuster services backed by 20 plus years of experience.

Metropolitan's staff of auto damage appraiser and property damage adjuster professionals throughout our territory (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Upstate New York) have the specialized experience to provide accurate, timely and cost-effective automobile damage appraisals and property damage adjustment services to meet your specific needs.

• Vast knowledge of the needs of municipalities from 15 years experience preparing municipal vehicle and equipment damage appraisals .

• Metropolitan's staff receives extensive training direct from municipal vehicle manufacturers. This training provides expertise that ensures appraisals are sensitive to the unique needs of municipalities.

• Every Metropolitan appraisal is subjected to an intensive quality-control review process to ensure accurate appraisals.

• Continuing education – Our insurance appraisers are expected to take continuing education classes to maintain their professional edge. Courses include Insurance Library Continuing Education, Contractor and Building Classes, I-CAR Classes, Heavy Equipment School Training, ASE Classes, Vo-Tech training and more.

Audatex Penpro Auto Damage Estimate
Mitchell's Heavy Truck
Mitchell's Cyclemate
Mitchell's RV
Mitchell's Refinishing Guide
Real Time Labor Guide
Apptrak Assignment Management
Property claims written in Metropolitan's proprietary regional-specific estimating system.

Special Resources

• Metropolitan maintains the regions largest network of heavy equipment and specialty dealers to provide optimum OEM part pricing.
• Comprehensive database of LKQ, A/M and reconditioned auto and heavy equipment part sources also helps control costs.

Process Features

• Easy appraisal assignment via internet web site, email, fax or phone.
• Real-time dispatching of claims to our appraisers often results in same day inspection, reducing turnaround time and rental costs.
• Automated e-mail and fax profiles for estimates are sent to repair shops and owners upon completion of Metropolitan's quality-control review, speeding up the repair process. Postal delivery is always used as a back up.
• Assignments are confirmed and claims handlers informed as to the specific appraiser handling the assignment. Status updates are provided every 48 hours.
• Total Loss Evaluations – Metropolitan offers two choices:
1. Standard market survey with two book values and three area comp values.
2. Autosource® evaluation which offers a solid market evaluation.

Other Services

SIU investigations
Scene investigation and photography
L.I.S.T investigation (low impact soft tissue)
M.I.S.T investigation (major impact soft tissue)
Lease return inspections
Vehicle donation valuations

Why should you choose Metropolitan?

Metropolitan offers 22 years of experience in automobile damage appraisal and property damage adjustment services, and has in-depth knowledge of market resources in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Upstate New York regions, providing you with the ultimate in damage appraisal and property adjustment services.

Customer Evaluations
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New York
Rhode Island
New Hampshire

Industry Resource Links

MHQ Municipal Vehicles, Parts and Supplies

Advanced Safe Driving and Skid School
Learn how to control your vehicle in all conditions

Owner Background

Lawrence Kostant is a working owner holding both Auto Damage Appraiser and Property Fire Adjuster licenses. Larry has been in the automotive damage appraisal business since 1983 and has extensive experience in auto mechanics and auto body repair. He holds certificates for mechanical technical training from GM, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen as well as body technician certificates from Body By Fischer and PPG. Continuing education activities include frequent attendance at ICAR classes, new construction and general contracting courses, municipal vehicle education by a national municipal outfitter in addition to continuing education at the Insurance Library classes covering all types of insurance and policies. Larry's work as a field appraiser over the past 15 years includes specialties such as heavy equipment and municipal vehicle and associated equipment appraisals as well as property damage adjustment services.

Larry's experience is highly respected, and he has been sought out as an industry witness, testifying in several successful trials involving fraud, subrogation, and arbitration. He is also active in industry affairs, participating in licensing board meetings and speaking out on important industry matters.

Larry's experience ensures you of a thorough examination of every claim, proper appraisal, total loss report, investigation, and appraisal report at a reasonable cost. Every automobile damage appraisal and property damage claim adjustment assignment processed by Metropolitan's staff benefits from his experience as he personally reviews each one before it is submitted to the customer. Larry’s philosophy is Metropolitan Appraisal Services is large enough to accommodate any company’s every need and small enough that he can personally see every claim before it leaves his office. Can any of the so-called “National” services say that?
I think not.

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